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Bitcoin Perspective

Financial Data Dashboard | Personal Project

Frontend Design | API Integration

Image of full dashboard showing bitcoin information

This project seeks to display real-time data from the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. A key feature is the orderbook and how raw data from the exchange is represented in summed ranges, other features are explained on the sites about page.

Future updates will include a live orderbook, a historical record of orderbook data represented on the chart and customisable tickers chosen by a logged in user.


At the current time this is a Vue 2 app utilising Vue Router and Vuex. A connection is made via axios to a REST API and a Websocket, the data is manipulated into formats the charting libraries and data tables can read/update. Vuetify components and styles are used throughout though CSS grid provides the dashboard layout.

  • Vue.js (2.6.11) / Vuex / Router
  • Vuetify
  • Lightweight-charts / chart.js
  • Axios / Binance API
Image showing responsive dashboard and menu